Assise - Pastel - 18 "x 24"

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For the first time, Fred Jourdain opens his vaults and makes available for purchase a series of original drawings and paintings.


For the sake of uniqueness and exclusivity for collectors and art lovers, none of the original works sold in this collection will be reproduced as posters for sale.


Most of the drawings presented in this collection are pastels made from live models. Fred spent 5 weeks in Kansas City in the summer of 2019 in a creative workshop with a dozen of the most awarded artists in the history of American illustration. On site, several sessions of drawings based on models gave rise to vibrant and refreshing experiments for the artist. Fred has since made it a habit. Back in Quebec, he attends drawing sessions with models and draws most of the time in pastel on paper.

Each drawing was atomized with a clear, matte and invisible varnish to fix the pigments. It is recommended to frame these drawings with a conventional spacer or a mat to avoid that the pigments are glued against the glass. A non-reflective Art-Glass glass with UV protection is recommended, especially for pastels produced on colored paper to prevent prolonged exposure to UV rays from tarnishing colors. All drawings that will be purchased framed will also be dry mounted on acid-free support.



To note:


* The dimensions shown and the color of the mat are approximate and may vary slightly.

* Although pastels are protected from hairspray, it is recommended not to touch the colors and handle with care.

* Since pastel is a messy medium, there may sometimes be fingerprints on the paper.

* Each drawing will be signed and embossed with the artist's seal before being shipped with or without framing.

* The positioning of the signature could be different if the drawing is sold alone or with a mat.

* The framing of matboard on the images of presentations was proposed by the artist as he would frame it himself.

* Although delivery is free for single drawings and all products on the site, a fixed fee will be added for framed orders to ensure protective packaging and excess shipping insurance costs.

* Shipping times for single works are the same as for prints, or only a few days. In the case where the order is placed with supervision, the delays are longer, or two to three weeks.