An albino snake, a lot of music, gallons of black ink, too many sleepless nights, miles on the run, three pairs of sunglasses, six pairs of boots, several thousand cigarettes burned at both ends, a handful of paintings, a stack of filled and sketchbooks, dying love and chance encounters, a restless nonchalance, a hundred billion stars above our laughter and and way too much coffee later, Fred is still here and you're there too, so why don't we go again for a ride?
Fred Jourdain, an artist from Quebec City and based in Montreal, Canada, is a jack of all trades with insatiable curiosity: illustration, design, comics, painting, poster, animation. There's many on the same head.
Irreverence and spontaneity inspire Fred; his strokes, his characters and his imagination.
A versatile chameleon with a love for fun and games, his many achievements all have in common his desire for surprises, discoveries and uninhibited freedom.
For projects or collaborations: fred


Pictures: Anthony Jourdain, Catherine Côté, Fred Jourdain, Martin Poulin, Martin Côté

Translation from french: Peter Tardif

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