"It's gonna get played! " Flea

The bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers should keep a good memory of his passage in the capital, because the organization of the Summer Festival has given him a unique instrument with the personal touch of the artist Fred Jourdain.


Our Journal has indeed learned that the illustrator Limoilou has spent the last few weeks to immortalize a bass that should be given to Flea before his performance on Saturday on the Plains of Abraham. It's the Summer Festival that has contacted Fred Jourdain for the occasion.

"They wanted something more original than giving a Nordic sweater. We talked about all that, I was really excited about making one for Flea, it's an artist that I like, it's colorful, "flyed", it's cool, "says the young man.


The artist - to whom we owe the labels of Le Trou du diable microbrewery products, as well as a series of works related to Robert Lepage's Blue Dragon - was inspired by the bassist's exploded personality to create . The instrument is painted in mauve and yellow, in honor of Flea's favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers.


"It's a unique model. It's pretty cartoon, I tried to do something that I think he'll like. I added hot peppers [chili peppers], I made bees because he is a beekeeper too and I put a denture that slams, with a crack between the two palettes, like him ", exposes with enthusiasm Fred Jordan.

The illustrator was in his first experience of this kind, which presented a certain technical challenge. "The drawing I made was not easy to transpose on the guitar, everything is curved, there are angles. Everything is done by hand, and I had to choose paints that would resist the lacquer because there are several layers of lacquer on top, and after, polish, "he says.


The instrument was made by luthier Pierre-Luc Asselin, of PL Guitares. The latter has notably garnished the personal collections of Dumas, Louis-Jean Cormier and Marie-Pierre Arthur. "It's a great instrument, it's not a cheap deal. It's a bass that must be worth between 5000 $ and 10 000 $, "says Fred Jourdain.