The Blue Dragon

The blue Dragon is a comic strip adapted from Robert Lepage's famous play of the same name. Based on the texts of Marie Michaud and Mr. Lepage, Fred Jourdain has delivered an outstanding work, largely influenced by his love of large format artwork. Indeed, alternating the classic comic strip and the contemplative double-pages, he was able to surprise the public and the critics, even if the original work was widely known. His work has earned him several marks of recognition, including the prize Bédéis Causa 2012 - Réal-Fillion, awarded the best first album.






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        Trip : 13 April 2011

        Editor : Alto

        Language : French

        Number of pages : 176

        Length : 30.7 23.1 x x 2 cm

        COVER : Rigid

        ISBNs : 978-2923550-75-6

        Number of copies : 3333



        Trip : 5 October 2011

        Editor : House of Anansi

        Language : English

        Number of pages : 176

        Length : 30.2 22.9 x x 1 cm

        COVER : Flexible

        ISBNs : 978-1-77089-037-4



        Trip : 15 October 2012

        Editor : Alto

        Language : French

        Number of pages : 184

        Length : 30.2 22.4 x x 1.5 cm

        COVER : flexible

        ISBNs 978-2896941049


Pierre Lamontagne, a Quebecker exiled in China, runs an art gallery in Shanghai where he joins Claire Forest, a Montreal publicist visiting China to conclude an adoption process. She who, in another life, went to see Pierre at the École des Beaux-Arts, takes a very western look at the existence he leads. After the reunion and the confrontations, this common past allows them to open an unexpected door on the future. Occurs Xiao Ling, a Chinese artist who exhibits his work at Pierre's gallery. The young woman, close to the latter returns Claire to distant hopes unfulfilled. The meeting of these three characters will cause definitive changes in everyone.








« ...natural...fluid, vivid illustrations.. » - David Desjardins, View


"This album is a work of art in itself. We are dealing here with an exceptional book, where the meeting of unusual creators gave birth to a fascinating and captivating work. " - François Cloutier, Quebec Letters


« ...stunning...innovative...more art than graphic novel...The Blue Dragon may be the stroke of genius to win over the reluctant adult who still sees the graphic novel as strictly for kids...this little gem may soon become a collector's item. » - François Martin, The bookseller


"Jordan did a fabulous job of creating atmosphere through color and establishing pace and mood with double-page metaphorical illustrations without any dialogue. Jourdain's design layout with a new page, offering the reader an element of surprise and making The Blue Dragon more art than graphic novel. A stroke of genius. " - The Unexpected twists and Turns


"The digital paw and the colors of Fred Jourdain manage to free this comic from the original work. A strong trait. " - Montreal Library Network.


The Digigraphies of the Blue Dragon

A series of illustrations in the form of limited edition prints has been drawn from this publication.


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A website Internet was createdé to offer more informations on the creative process that led to the publication of the adaptation of the Blue Dragon.


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